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Atelier KTJ is run by Katrien (aka KTJ) Goossens, a Belgian interior designer.

With her bold and bespoke Belgian design approach, she combines European taste, artistic flair, and smart use of space, light and colour to craft welcoming spaces which radiate a quirky elegance. She loves weaving together art and story to create unique design solutions and subtle details unique to your project.

KTJ not only brings an international touch to spaces, she has over 20 years of expertise from major infrastructure, commercial, and domestic projects. This has allowed her to build up a practical understanding of spaces, greener construction processes, materials, budget management, and time efficiency.  

KTJ has worked with a range of clients varying from busy professionals to advising commercial entities and property developers. Her Interior design expertise, combined with her skill to interact and collaborate with clients and various audiences helps her to easily (re)build connections between people, spaces, and their surroundings.

Contact KTJ for your design journey that celebrates individuality, sustainability, and the joy of creating spaces that truly reflect and connect to your story and legacy.


Hello, My name is KTJ (short for Katrien). I am often described as a bold, bubbly Belgian designer who thrives on going beyond the obvious.

I grew up in Flanders, Belgium in a household where there was always a renovation or construction project happening. I have lived in Ireland and the UK for over 20 years now and delivered various personal and international client projects. Through my skill and experiences, my trademark has become blending the best of various styles and personal preferences in an easy, yet practical way, that breathes a quirky elegance.

I designed spaces with my signature ‘KTJ touch’, which delighted those around me so much so that they started to seek my expertise in designing their own spaces. I formalised my training as an Interior Designer at UAL Chelsea College of Art, London and so, Atelier KTJ was born.

What I love most is to create designs with delightful, quirky details that reveal themselves upon closer inspection. I am passionate about respecting our planet and will prioritise transforming, reusing or repurposing existing features in spaces to minimise waste.  I also favour the use of durable and recyclable materials throughout the design process to help reduce carbon footprint. While I dream of living in a different house every day of the year, I find great joy in planning and creating remarkable spaces for others, contributing to their design journey and focussing on sustainable solutions to connect them with their space and surroundings.


KTJ is special. I meet a lot of interior designers, but I rarely came across someone who thoroughly understands a project in such detail. She takes the time to fly above it and really feel inside what the best choices are for the customer. And that's where the best and most unexpected ideas come from. Thoughtful, personal and original. She knows very well how to mix different living styles and give everyone a voice in the process. She knows what to do with complicated issues, gets stuck in and nothing escapes her. She takes away your worries about a renovation or restyling, so that you can enjoy the process. In addition, KTJ is great fun to work with. You will feel comfortable with her and experience her as honest and transparent, serious in her profession and full of humour. Start with KTJ and you’ll end up with a dream place.

MG – The Netherlands & India - Interior Designer

We asked Atelier KTJ to help with loose proposals to update our premises. KTJ spent some time with us discussing and measuring, then quickly came back with a number of areas for upgrading, together with various ideas. She surprised us with some alternative lighting and an AV proposal to tie in with our future programme we hadn’t thought of, and which we will implement. It was well worth getting an ‘outsider’ to draw on her wide experience in the industry and help send us on a somewhat different path to the one we had envisaged.

T, L& M - London, UK - Art Gallery Upgrade

Atelier KTJ’s knowledge and guidance helped us bringing to fruition the integration of the older part of our home with a newer built extension. We enjoyed KTJ’s charming stress free approach to the whole process, so much so that we that we felt both enlightened and educated. We were very impressed with the homework and legwork she had put in and her strong Flemish work ethic which is evident in her entire approach.

M&J - Limerick, Ireland - House Renovation

Atelier KTJ understood the vision and came back with a very original and thought-provoking proposal for our new build project. KTJ has been an excellent sounding board throughout and has steered us back towards centre several times when maybe we were losing sight of our original ideals. What we also liked about KTJ is that she is very practical and, unlike many designers, understands a budget. We can't recommend her highly enough and would have no hesitation in speaking with anyone who is considering Atelier KTJ for a project.

L&B - Donegal, Ireland - House New Build


Mobile:  +44 7515 976 380